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Freezing Time

Gangsters, Serial Killers, Con Men, Sultry Women, a Tycoon, and a Mad Genius in the riotous Wild West that was San Francisco after the Gold Rush. These are the people who made our world what it is today. Read More about the birth of Silicon Valley

Early Photographs of Eadweard Muybridge

A comprehensive collection of more than 1400 photographs by the most famous landscape photographer of his time: 1866-76, San Francisco, California, Central America, Yosemite. Read More

Two Plays by Keith Stern

Two royalty-free plays perfect for school performances. Easily adaptable to a variety of running times and cast sizes. Read More

Sibly's Key to Physic and the Occult

A splendid facsimile of the rare two-hundred-year-old book that is the foundation of modern western occult studies. Sibly's "A Key to Physic and The Occult Sciences" Read More

Queers in History by Keith Stern

The latest corrected version of the classic encyclopedia of world-famous people who were ... queer. Read More

Early Photographs by Eadweard Muybridge
Freezing Time by Keith Stern
Two Plays by Keith Stern
A Key to Physic and The Occult Sciences by Ebenezer Sibly
Queers in History by Keith Stern
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